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Simply put. Trusting, informative and 100 % professional. Never once did I feel out of the loop. He is a stand up guy that will treat you with respect and bring you facts about your case. He is not looking to make a buck off anyone. He lays out the facts and helps you make decisions that are best for you and your family. Highly recommend Daniel!

- John V

Had a quick consultation over the phone with Mr. Belano. Very helpful. I encourage all parents with kids facing disciplinary action to walk into the hearing with a lawyer. The school will tell you you don't need one, but hire one anyways. The system screwed my son and the school system instead of helping kids they just want to treat them like criminals.

- I D

Absolutely amazing attorney! Very easy to talk to and answered all my questions. He works has reasonable fees and works with you. I feel he really cares about his clients and not all about money like another review says since he charged me one flat rate for several appearences. Highly recommend

- Amanda R

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